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Welcome to Eternity Music

Christian based Production , Engineering and Mastering House


Make Your Music Ideas a Reality

Professional Recording Solutions Under One Roof

Multitrack Recording

Unlimited Track Count Mixing

Hi Definition Mastering 44.1-11.2 DSD

Industry Standard  Mp3 to DDP Encoding

What We Offer

As Audio technology continues to evolve,  we will continue to stay on  the cutting edge providing the full spectrum of HI Definition Audio  solutions for the conceptional idea to the complete project DDP master printing product.


Why Choose Eternity Music

Submersive Mixing and Mastering 
in Dolby Atmos Coming soon ....


Cutting Edge Recording, Mixing and Mastering Gear

Using some of the best Gear and Software in the industry to date.

Technical Know How

Knowledge and expertise  of Audio Restoration and Repair.

Awesome, High Quality Recording

Capturing the very best Sonically correct audio reproduction of the original audio source.

Experienced Advisor Service

Providing consultation with years of experience and knowledge in studio and or live audio setups.

Some Gear and Software we use

The Possibilities Are Endless

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